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At Penninger Asphalt Paving, Inc, we always use high quality materials and insist on top-notch workmanship. Below you will find our list of services. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Just ask!

  • Asphalt overlays
  • New constructions asphalt paving
  • Oil & Chip Surfacing
  • Parking Lots
  • Private Roads
  • Drive ways
  • Recreational Areas

Want to learn more about asphalt and oil and chip in Southern Illinois? Read on!
Asphalt is a bituminous mixture of gravel, sand, and liquid asphalt, mixed and heated to a high temperature. The mixture is laid with a paving machine and compacted with vibratory rollers. When properly applied and maintained, it provides many years of even, durable pavement. It is recommended to seal-coat approximately every three years due to the oxidation which occurs on the top surface.

Oil and chip, also known as “chip and seal” or “tar and chip”, is a less expensive alternative to asphalt paving. In this process a heavy oil is applied to a rock base and covered with small chips of rock. The typical application for this surfacing is two coats which are compacted by a roller machine. This type of surfacing is commonly used by local county highway departments on county roads. We are one of the only businesses in Southern Illinois offering this service to our clients.

We use high-quality materials purchased locally which are approved by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). Owner Michael Penninger performs all estimates and will make recommendations for your specific project. He oversees each job to ensure your satisfaction.