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Southern Illinois Asphalt Paving

Are you looking for Southern Illinois Asphalt Paving? You’ve come to the right place! Penninger Asphalt Paving has been a well-known name in Southern Illinois Asphalt Paving for over twenty years. We are committed to the best quality materials and workmanship. Penninger Asphalt Paving offers a free no obligation estimate. We provide all of Southern Illinois, both residential and commercial, with asphalt overlays, new construction asphalt paving, oil and chip surfacing, parking lots, private roads, drive ways, recreational areas and more!

Asphalt is a bituminous mixture of gravel, sand, and liquid asphalt, mixed and heated to a high temperature. The mixture is laid with a paving machine and compacted with vibratory rollers. When properly applied and maintained, it provides many years of even, durable pavement. It is recommended to seal-coat approximately every three years due to the oxidation which occurs on the top surface.

When you choose Penninger Asphalt Paving for your Southern Illinois Asphalt Paving needs, your choosing a name you can trust and a company full of highly skilled and knowledgeable employees…and they are all here to serve your needs and best interests!

End your search for Southern Illinois Asphalt Paving today, and pickup the phone to call Penninger Asphalt Paving!

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Southern Illinois Asphalt Paving with Penninger Asphalt Paving

Southern Illinois Asphalt Paving with Penninger Asphalt Paving